Sagging belly after losing weight My stomach isn’t tight, what should I do?

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Many people’s goal in losing weight is to stay healthy. And has a body that looks fit and firm. flat stomach But some people lose weight as they wish. Instead, they faced the problem of wrinkled skin. Looks as Sagging as expected It has become a problem that erodes confidence even more than before. But this problem can be solved better if we understand the causes.

The more the body loses its flexibility. The skin texture expands further. In comparison, it is like wearing a T-shirt that fits snugly, but when we slowly use our hands to stretch the shirt to make it bigger and bigger, that shirt will look wrinkled and out of shape. and cannot return to its original condition Our skin is the same. When body weight drops rapidly Proteins and fats that were once stuck in the body are broken down. This causes the skin tissue to create gaps. The body is unable to build muscle to replace it. Therefore, it becomes sagging, flabby, and the skin becomes difficult to look firm and fit.

Normally, our skin is made up of two main things: collagen and elastin. Which has properties that help make the skin flexible External factors cause collagen and elastin to decrease until the skin loses its elasticity, such as with increasing age. The skin will begin to wrinkle and have wrinkles, lack of nutrients, drinking little water, smoking, etc. All of these are factors that cause collagen and elastin to decrease, including eating unhealthy foods such as flour, sugar, and fat. Until it becomes fat accumulate in the body When the body weight increases The skin will be stretch out, such as a protruding belly or a bloated belly, causing the abdominal skin to gradually lose its elasticity. Until finally, when the weight decreases, the fat disappears, but the skin cannot shrink back to its original position. This is the origin of a sagging belly. What causes a sagging belly ?

Problems: sagging belly, sagging belly Often happens with.

  • People who have been obese for a long time: When losing a lot of weight, the skin in various parts will be sagging and not firm.
  • Mothers after giving birth or being pregnant with multiple children Abdomen that is distended for a long time After giving birth, it can cause the stomach to sag.
  • People who have had gastric bypass surgery to treat obesity and who have undergone gastric bypass surgery The body will lose weight quickly.

If you want to lose weight, you should lose it in the right way. You shouldn’t rush or be impatient. Because losing weight for firmer skin It is necessary to take time and patience to control both diet and exercise. You should do exercises that help build muscles in various areas or help build muscle strength. Recommended UFABET as weight training because it is an exercise that helps the body gradually adjust to proper condition. But this must be couple with eating nutritious food. Or eating more protein will make weight loss more effective.

You can do exercises that focus on lifting or you can design weight training to build stronger muscles as well. Avoid eating foods that increase fat accumulation such as fried foods, greasy foods, salty foods, and desserts. You may change to eating brown rice. Various green leafy vegetables, fruits, or grains instead. And supplement by adding protein to the body, such as eating two eggs a day. or protein from meat But many people tend to find a solution by consulting medical techniques. and choose a surgical method to make the skin firm again This is a method that gives clearer and faster results than exercising itself. But there are many disadvantages as well because it can be at risk of infection. It also requires a long recovery period.