Let’s get to know subcutaneous fat cysts.

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Sebaceous cysts are lumps cause by a blockage of the sebaceous glands under the skin. The lump will slowly grow under the skin. They can range in size from millimeters to several centimeters. It is usually not serious and is not cancerous.

A cyst looks like a lump under the skin. It is soft, similar to a cyst, and the surface is smooth. When you feel it, you will find that it moves slightly. Inside there is a milky white substance. Often found on the back, chest, neck, and head if there is no inflammation or large size. There is usually no pain in the area of ​​the lump.

Subcutaneous sebaceous cysts Can be found in all genders and ages. Without knowing the exact risk factors. But it is found in twice as many males as females and is most commonly found between the ages of 30-40 years in addition. It is more commonly found in people with a history of acne.

If there is an abnormal lump on the skin that grows from 1 centimeter or more You can see a doctor for an examination. This is because there are many types of skin lumps, such as lipomas. Acne fibrosis lump or may need to be separate from Lymph node lump or skin cancer lump to receive correct treatment.

If the diagnosis cannot be confirm from examination by looking at the outside. Doctors often recommend surgical removal of cysts for pathological https://ufabet999.app examination. To confirm the diagnosis What is the cause of a cyst or lump?

This is because skin sebaceous cysts have no symptoms. and does not turn into cancer Therefore there is no need for treatment. But if you want to get rid of cysts This can be done through surgery where the entire cyst must be remove.

Because if there is still a bag, it can become a lump again in the same location. However, if there is inflammation and infection Treatment is antibiotics. Combined with surgery to remove the contents of the cyst or pus first. This may be combine with the injection of anti-inflammatory drugs into the cyst.

Taking care of yourself when Skin sebaceous cysts: You should not attempt to press the white substance out of the cyst yourself. Because it can cause inflammation and infection. And if you’re worrieห about having a cyst Or when the cyst grows, you should see a doctor.

There is no 100% way to prevent subcutaneous sebaceous cysts, but you can reduce the chance of them occurring. By keeping the skin clean Prevent acne or wounds, including using all types of skin cosmetics that are oil free and avoiding strong sunlight.